iVisibilityX 1.0

Toggle the visibility of your files


  • Easy to use


  • Easy to lose track of which files hidden
  • Requires program icon in menu bar at all times


Whether it's for security or simply convenience, it's sometimes useful to be able to toggle the visibility of your folders and files.

Unfortunately, there's no obvious way to do this in Finder and iVisibilityX makes things easier by enabling you to toggle them as quickly as possible. iVisibilityX sits in your menu bar and simply requires you to click on the iVisibilityX icon every time you need to toggle the visibility of your icons.

To use it, select the files and folders you want to hide in Finder and choose the desired option in the menubar. The actions are self explanatory - if you want to view hidden files in Finder, simply choose "Show hidden files in Finder" in the menubar. There's little more to it than that. It would be useful however if there were some record of which files and folders you have hidden as it's very easy to lose track of them the more you hide.

If you want to keep your folders and files protected, or you just want to clean up Finder for a while, iVisibilityX is a simple but effective solution.

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iVisibilityX 1.0

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